About Me

A Little About Me

             I understand family; I have my own.

I take great pleasure in showcasing my style and philosophy on personal photography. I understand the bonds and love that are formed in families, couples and all the milestones we live through. I am thrilled to capture those moments and points in time that you never want to forget.

Melissa Goldfarb


This here is my family. (cute huh?) They run me around like a mad woman, keep me on my toes and a little crazy. I love my time at the lake, spending time with the kids while I still can, and will never turn down a nap or a glass of wine. 

They are also my inspiration to start this business. My love for photography started when they were young and only grew as they did. I admit that I am a tad obsessed with family photos and will cry at all weddings even if haven't known the couple for years. I'll dance, make funny faces, and boss you around (nicely) if I think it will make the shot just that much better.....

Photography allows me the chance to be a part of something amazing. Whether it's a family session, engagement, wedding or corporate event, there is always something that needs to be remembered and I absolutely love that my clients trust me to capture those places in time.